About US

Shandong Lipeng Co., Ltd. (Lipeng), is now well known as a leading package company in China. Lipeng has approximately 1, 300 employees, in excess of 2 billion RMB in annual sales and a total assets up to 0.16 billion RMB. In China, Lipeng offers a wild range of packaging and packaging-related services, including: 1. An aluminum screw closure 2. Plastic closure 3. Full or semi-automatic production line 4. Cold punching mould 5. Injected mould 6. Aluminum plate coating printing Lipeng closure can be summarized in 4 points: 1. Ability to preserve the qualities bouquet and flavours of the wine developed by the wine make 2. Easier use of the bottle 3. The liner adapt to sannex tin and samiler 4. A long shirt as a rich and aesthetic presentation medium We have established with many famous winery and aim to expand further.